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All You Sucka MCs Ain't Got Nothin On Me! [entries|friends|calendar]

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Mentor Rock Off [13 Mar 2005|03:13pm]
I've been trying to get on to livejournal for the past couple days and I got lucky and it finally let me on! Well nothing has really happened, Muledeer won the mentor rockoff (I don't know how). Other than that everything has been just peachy
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whoa I'm back? [28 Feb 2005|09:30pm]
It seems so at the moment! I think I finally fixed that damn virus on my computer and now I can get back on LJ! So there really isn't much going on, but a lot of things have been pissing me off. I hate band. Plain and simple. This weekend is contest which is a big waste of fucking time because we SUCK MAJOR ASS! I mean I can only see Kathryn on the weekend because her parents won't let her out during the weekday and half the time she has to work, and now I've got half of a fucking saturday wasted...THANKS MRS.DINGLEBERRY! So, I was going to skip, but it looks like I'll fail band if I do....I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet. Anyways the muledeer set list has finally been constructed.....now without further hesitation......THE MULEDEER SET LIST (in no particular order)




4. NEW SONG (not yet titled)


The rockoff was planned poorly this year in my opinion. First off only 10 bands are playing....last year there were 12 or 13. This year you had to call in and then send in a letter and that letter had to be one of the first ten she opens (regardless of when it was sent) to make it in (Impala Decade was the third band to call in and since our letter wasn't opened in time we aren't in). There is less prize money as well if I recall correctly. The cherry on the fucking cake is that we only have 15 minutes to play! 15 MINUTES! Last year was hard to work songs into a set and that was a 20 minute show! I've been hearing about who got their letters in first to make it into the rockoff and I'm really disapointed. Someone is playing a solo project....I hate solo projects! On top of this he is in another band! I guess there is another ska band playing....but from what I hear we can blow them away. We also found out we are only allowed to use 4 mics! WTF! I guess Brute, Nick, and I (during battlenet) will have to share, Timmy and Chris will have to share, then the two vocal mics. The intro...I have no idea....we need to mic a tuba, a euphonium, 2 trumpets, a tenor sax, an alto sax, and a clarinet.....we're screwed. So yeah come and see us fit tightly on stage because odds are that damn bitch fucked that up too. MARCH 11th! I think it's seven dollars....be there...and be rude.
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I'm back....kinda [07 Jan 2005|04:03pm]
Well, I finally have control over the computer so I'm updating, not much has really gone on, Muledeer is playing at the rock off the 15th, I'm still having problems getting over the same girl and such, thats my summary, ttyl
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The Fish Was Delish and it Made Quite a Dish [28 Dec 2004|10:24pm]
Hey, I haven't updated in a long time, mostly because my computer is a whore. a whore.....that doesn't work...and nobody likes a lazy whore. I just went to the dollar theatre with a bunch of people and saw 4 movies in a row! I have no life! Bye!
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I'm such a failure [12 Dec 2004|02:52pm]
Well, thats that, she loves him. I knew I didn't stand a chance. I need to give up. This is a battle I can't win. I was right when I decided to give up before knowing I can't compete w/ Rick.
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long time, no writing [10 Dec 2004|02:36pm]
Hey, sorry for the lack of updates, just a lot has been going on lately mentally and physically. But I'm sure you all don't want to hear about that. Anyways MULEDEER MADE IT INTO THE ODEON ROCKOFF! So that means you guys all need to come JANUARY 15th to come and see us. If you want to go, just let me know and I'll get you a ticket.
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Well things seems to be getting more busy [03 Dec 2004|01:57pm]
[ mood | good ]

I just wanted to post that I'm filling in as Brew 52s drummer for their next show. It's this wednesday I believe at lakeland, I'm not sure if there is a entrance fee or not, but I can probably get people in free so just let me know if you want to come. Mike and Nick are turning in the Muledeer tape today, hopefully we'll get accepted, actually I just hope they tell me soon because the suspense is killing me.

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Crazy Day of Mixed Emotions (yes I'm saying everything I did today, it's going to be a long one) [02 Dec 2004|09:44pm]
Today was really strange. Today I woke up in a decent mood and went to school. When I finally woke up I realized that I would be seeing Danielle today and that made me happy. I've found myself just staring off into her direction during english. My teacher has noticed, she has been calling on me a lot more lately and catching me off guard. She is one of the few reasons why I like going to school now. So school was alright and I went home. I talked to her online and I kept being annoying asking her when she is free to hang out, and she works a lot so she is just going to call me when she is free. So that naturally made me really happy. I've actually been dancing around all day. Ever since I found out I still had a chance I've been the happiest I have ever been. I'm not sure if she knows how much I really like her, but it could be bad. Things could end up like they did last time and I could end up being depressed again. Well it's better to have loved than to never have loved at all I guess. I'm back to my old self, no more depression. Then Mike, Nick, Brett, Timmy, Joey, Chris and I had the Muledeer recording session. Me and the rest of the guys want to at least try to be in the rockoff so we won't look back saying we blew our shot of ever playing it because we were too lazy to sign up. Well basically we formed this band today and we made 3 songs and recorded them (alright we BSed it). I wasn't exepecting much, but we sounded pretty good! The horns really add a lot to the sound. I think it's hillarious we have a baritone instead of a trombone. We were about to go to the Odeon to turn it in, but it turns out we need to go to some place in Chagrin Falls to do that. My Mom had a migrane so everyone had to leave, so I hung out at my house for a little bit then I went to the mall with Laura. I was still happy about the whole Danielle thing so I was dancing around looking like an idiot. Laura was on her phone arguing w/ her boyfriend and she told me that he wants her to stop seeing most of her friends. That pissed me off, this guy hardly sees her and he expects her to drop all her friends that have been good to her so he can have her to himself. Have her to himself...for what? not to see her? Well I started rambling on about why she should break up w/ him, then eventually I started to feel bad, I'm not usually the kind to go into peoples personal problems. Either way, today went from feeling on top of the world to feeling like an ass.
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oh man I just need to post again! I'm probably getting annoying, but I'm just feeling so great. Well the experiment with making things not friends only went well! So I probably won't be hiding much anymore! Now I'm just chilling out listening to the new Green Day cd. Drew had an idea to cover the power rangers theme song, so I'm searching for the mp3 right now. I looked at the tabs and I think I can do it, but we'll see. The deadline for the Odeon rockoff is the third, Mike still wants to do it, but I don't think we'll have something done by then...thus ruining my chances of ever doing it. Sophmore year I wasn't in a band deserving enough to make it, Junior year we missed the deadline. This year the singer for Two Jack Hand isn't in highschool so we can't enter, Muledeer wants to do something but we won't have something in time unless we BS something, and Impala Decade needs more practice to be good enough. Well Two Jack Hand might be playing at "Backstreet" (I hear it's by Hollywood video) soon once we try out, but I'm pretty sure we can make the cut, we are one of the better bands in mentor and we play stuff a lot of other people don't. Well I'm done rambling, I should go and do something constructive with all this energy!

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Wow I suck big time [30 Nov 2004|03:24am]
[ mood | Amazing! ]

Well, I should have made that last post a friends only...she saw it. It was a hint....DAMMIT! I'm feeling a little better knowing that there is a small chance that we might be together at some point in the future possibly. Unless I mess it up...AGAIN which I hopefully won't. But as of now I'm really happy suprisingly! Now she at least knows that I still feel the same way I did before. Yep I'm listening to Maroon 5 and I'm dancing around...I'm gay

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it's one in the morning....do you know where your sanity is? [28 Nov 2004|01:41am]
[ mood | envious ]

Well this post used to be longer...but AOL disconnected and I lost it! So I'm just going to sum it up.
1. I can't sleep, keep thinking about Danielle
1A. I blew it, I remembered after homecoming she told me she wasn't sure if she was happy w/ Rick and she asked me if I liked Jessie and if I wanted to go out w/ her and I said "Definately" I could be jumping to conclusions (which I probably am) but I'm pretty sure she was dropping hints, but by then I was too concentrated on getting my mind off of her to realize what I was doing.
2.I think I'm going to listen to peoples comments and let the chips fall as they may, I have a lot of time, she is going to lakeland so it's not like this is the last year I can say anything to her about this.
2B. Some people commented saying "don't worry you will find someone", but thats the thing I don't care about "finding someone" right now, I just want her. Just wanted to straighten that out.
3. Went to Steves today, we had a kareoke contest it was pretty fun.

4. I'm trying something new by not making posts friends only, I want to see what happens and what exactly I should put in friends only. I mean hell I don't have any shame so I don't care if anybody sees half the crap I write in here.


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Weird how a movie can make you think about things [26 Nov 2004|12:26pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well the past week has been weird for me, I've been thinking a little too much again. During the week I realized, I don't like Jessie as much as I thought I did. I mean I'm attracted to her and she is a cool person, but it's just not there. After tonight and seeing one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen, I realized, I still have feelings for Danielle. It's just strange, I know she has a boyfriend and all, but I just can't get over her. When I liked Jessie, it was all about looks, but Danielle is a completely different story. Anywho, I know I'm making a big mistake, so I'm trying to put the whole idea out of my head, hopefully writing about it will just get the idea out of my head before I do something stupid. Well anyways break has been pretty good. I'm sick now though, it sucks! Hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing, I don't want to waste my break. Thanksgiving was alright, my Dad showed everybody what he taped off of the mentor channel for homecoming, I didn't want to watch it at all, so I can't imagine how my relatives felt! Well I tried to make the most out of this post considering I probably won't see my journal for another week or so, considering Joey is on it 24/7.

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[19 Nov 2004|11:35pm]
Strike two!
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It's about time! [15 Nov 2004|01:51pm]
I'm back ladies! Joey finally left the house, so I get the computer! Well I really don't have much to say because I can't remember what I've done since....because I can't remember what I did yesterday and I haven't been on for almost 2 weeks. Yeah, so I have a B in English...usually I'd be really happy about that, but this time I'm pissed, I think I deserve an A. School was gay as usual, left after band and picked up a guitar string, then went to bowling. I have been in a major slump lately. At the beginning of the season I'd get at least one 200 game no problem! Now I'm lucky if I hit anywhere over 180! It'll come back hopefully. Well, I'm going to go read some posts to catch up on everything. Hopefully I'll be back on soon
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[26 Oct 2004|01:17am]
[ mood | calm ]

Sorry about the lack of updates, it's mostly because Joey is on the computer a lot more now. Well a lot has happened lately, saw Team America World Police twice already and I'm seeing it again tomorrow! Marching Band didn't qualify for states (thank god). I think I'm being a cowboy for halloween, but there is going to be a twist to it....so you will just have to find out on halloween. By the way, Jessie just gave me some more homecoming pictures, if they are wanted, comment and I'll post them, otherwise I'm not going to. Well I should be getting to bed, so catch ya on the flipside

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Impala Decade Biotch [13 Oct 2004|03:01am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yeah so I had Impala Decade practice today, and it was sweet! We brushed up on our originals, and finished one of our originals! Steve Dave wrote most of it, but we worked together on the bridge and it sounds amazing, everything stops and I keep playing this riff, then drums come back in and drew plays the harmony on top of it and it sounds like one of those 80's octave solos. There was talk of winter formal tonight and if asking someone now is bad, because it's so far away. I mean, I already know who I want to ask, but it's so early to ask I don't want to freak her out or anything. Most of you probably know who I'm talking about....(hint: look at the pictures in my last post)

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Alright you guys, as promised [10 Oct 2004|11:30pm]
Well, I got the homecoming pictures today and by popular demand I'll post them...so here ya go, hopefully I'll do this LJ cut thing right, I'm new to this.
Homecoming..Collapse )
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I'm Money [26 Sep 2004|05:26pm]
[ mood | excited ]

The Mean Girls party was sweet! Then it turned to crap later, because people are still immature about things, I have no idea what happened, but cmon people! WE ARE FRIENDS! WE DON'T MESS UP STUFF FOR OTHER PEOPLE ON PURPOSE! FRIENDS HELP EACH OTHER! Either way, I'm going to homecoming now! Does anybody know if I have to get her two corsages? One for the assembly one for the dance? According to Jen we are going to Tony G's, I really like that place, the owner is so nice. A few days ago I helped Steve Dave with his new set, it's really nice! The bass drum sounds amazing. My set could really use some new heads, and a new crash. I also went to Sam Ash w/ Bodak and Russel, we jammed out on the electronic sets, those make you sound so much better than you really are! I also discovered I can actually do double bass (death metal double bass where it just keeps going and going...) I just need a better pedal, mine is too crappy! At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to homecoming or not, but now I'm actually pretty excited for it! Drew and Jen are great to hang out w/ and this year should definately be better than last years. I need to go and get a tie and a new shirt. My old one is too big and I need a purple tie..that should be interesting! Kevin is wearing yellow, so we will look sweet. Bodak and Pennick, if you guys want to go, I'll find you a date, you just need to let me know! If I could get Kieffer a date, I'm sure I can hook you guys up, you just need to keep an open mind

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Coach Carr has fled school property! [21 Sep 2004|11:51pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Wow, well the finals didn't go as well as I hoped. It was a beauty contest as always. First prize went to some kid who just made up his own lyrics to some song and sang it horribly. Also winning first was some 4 year old, and a fat girl who actually deserved to win. 2nd went to some old gay guy in a cowboy hat who sang "our god is an awesome god" well all the christians united to help him win an acoustic guitar. Third went to some guy who had a really good Louie Armstrong impression. Hell I knew I sang even worse than I usually did...but hell I got beat by a 4 year old?!?! haha whatever, I still won a gift certificate to the blue tip grille (where the hell is that place?). School has been alright, it's really easy thus far. The FCMB has finally learned the entire damn competition show, so that should be easier from here on out. I also played w/ the FEM today, it was really fun, I miss jamming w/ Jerod! He is such a good guitar player! Too bad Joey messes up everything. I also bought Mean Girls today, I had to pick between that or the new Green Day cd....so if anyone has the cd....PLEASE I'LL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND IF YOU BURN IT FOR ME! Also...my sax is gone! Someone stole it...dumb bastard...the thing is a piece of trash! Hopefully it will turn up so I won't have to use my good sax for marching band. Well I should get to bed because I have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow including the taping of my groups english project (Jerry Springer remake) should be interesting....chairs here I come....

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It really is better in Mentor [19 Sep 2004|01:09am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I had so much fun today, after the parade we all went to better in mentor! We watched this really good Beatles cover band, and we played a few games. Then we found Kareoke! First Pennick, Kieffer, and I did "Pop" by Nsync, it was really funny. Then we decided to all do a song by ourselves! So I went first and did Maroon 5 (this love) and I guess the whole thing was a contest and I was entered into the finals! Pennick did Chicago and he did it well, at least I thought he did but he didn't make it into the finals :( Kieffer did some Jimmy Buffet song. We all ended up going up there a few times and eventually Kieffer did "Hello Dolly".....I almost pissed my pants. So I went home for awhile then I met up w/ Drew, Jen, and Jessie. We went to Better in Mentor (again) and just kinda hung around. We met Tony G and we talked to him for awhile. Eventually we told him that we planned on going up there and he said "well we need more people your age there, tonights on me!" and he wrote us a coupon for 2 free pizzas and 4 free drinks! We won a ton of tickets there too, it was really fun. Right now I'm just debating whether or not to show up to the finals tomorrow.....I might if people go w/ me

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